I am writing you guys to tell you about a situation that happened to me involving one of your CDJ 1000 cases. I always buy road ready cases for my DJ equipment because of the durablity, but I had no idea that they were this strong! I was involved in a car wreck on my way to DJ a gig in another city. It was snowing really bad, and I lost control of my truck. After spining around in the road, I ended up flipping my truck over into a ditch. One of my CD player cases busted out my window and flew out onto the highway. Not only was I ok, minus some back pain, but all of my cases and equipment that stayed in my truck were fine. (2 turntable cases, mixer case, 1 CD player case, all Road Ready) The case that hit the highway was busted in half because of the force of the wreck, but my CD player was still in the case and did not have a scratch on it. I am just writing to tell you guys thanks! DJ equipment is very expensive, and even though I lost a case, your product still did a great job and saved me a lot of money!

DJ Slikk